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    @SUPERNOVA-8 said in Game Updates:

    @KoningCo My apologies Paul. 😬 It looks like I misread the announcement and you were right after all. 🤓 There won't be any weekend event this time. I'm sorry mate. 🙁

    No problem Sophia, hopefully a nice event next weekend like transfer frenzy, training madness or super staff again.

  • @KoningCo Thank you Paul. 😊 And yeah we will have to wait and see mate. Every new weekend event seems to me like a Kinder choco egg! 😋
    alt text
    Haha... You never know what's the surprise gift inside ... 😁😂

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    I think, this event so unjust.... Event start is 13th November but your announcement is 14th November... And are you crazy? Events must be weekend! How can our employees fallow the game in week? How can I make it? I'm a teacher, my working hours 9:00 am(UTC +3) - 5:00 pm(UTC+3). I'm busy that's hours and don't play this game cuz this status make negative impact on my students.

    !Please you are make weekend events!

  • @omrtrkbyr-16 I got the notification on my OSM Wednesday, November 13 at 3 am. If you check the forum right now it also says the announcement was made a day ago from today. (November 13th) So maybe you didn't check the forum soon enough or you were just not on your account until today.

    But regarding your other statement, I agree with you. I go to a middle school and do sports and other activities, so I am also busy during the week. I would rather have this event at the weekend because I''m not as busy at the weekend. Having this Faster Coaches event during the week is not really good for me. This is because it makes it harder to do as many 4-hour training sessions as I want to because I have school for 7 and a half hours a day. But I guess the event was to introduce the new OSM Square-shaped-head staff that shouldn't even be there in the first place. (Seriously, what was Gamebasics thinking when making the decision to make new staff?) 😞

  • @omrtrkbyr-16 Also it is unfair because the weekend events usually last from Friday 12:00 am-Monday 12:00 am (3 days exactly), but the midweek new staff event only lasted from Wednesday 2:00 am- Friday 9:00 am (2 days 7 hours), which is 17 hours less than weekend events.

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    Dear @uchenna-a you know, this weekend events announcement in promotions/campaign... But this game producer chose "the events" announcement in game update. Must we fallowing this forum topics at everyday? We are enter into the promotion/campaign at every Thursday.

    That's so wrong for the osm player.

  • @omrtrkbyr-16 Yeah I guess since you mentioned that you are a teacher it must be hard to check the forum often. I think they only announced it in the game updates section because the new osm staff had been introduced mid-week so the mid-week promotion only happened because they OSM did as a way of introducing the new OSM staff. If it was a regular weekend event they would have announced in the Promotion/ campaign section, but since the mid-week event was to introduce the new staff, they just announced it in the game updates section.

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    @uchenna-a I agree your thinks... Where is our 17 hours events? If gamebasics want to be fair, they are make new events for this Sunday!

  • @omrtrkbyr-16 Yeah I agree with you because this past mid-week promotion was 17 hours shorter than the weekend events, which are usually exactly 3 days and 0 hours. This past mid-week event was sadly only 2 days and 7 hours long, so we are kind of getting cheated out of 17 hours of weekly promotions this week.😞

  • Feature upgrade - Champions Cup 🏆

    Today is the day, Champions Cup is here!

    Many of you gave feedback on how to make Tournaments more complete. We would like to thank you for that!

    Based on your feedback we've added home and away matches to Tournaments.

    To try it out, collect your friends and engage in the Champions Cup!


  • @AlyssaGB
    Thank you 😍😍
    Like that it will be very nice 👌

  • @AlyssaGB Great work! 👏
    Away goal rule or aggregate scoring rule?? 😁

  • @MenagerBL Exactly as real life.

    Home result: Team A 1 - 0 Team B
    Away result: Team A 1 - 2 Team B
    Aggregate 2 - 2

    Team A goes through because they scored more goals away.

    I case of exact results home and away, then we'll have over time and after that penalty kicks if needed!

  • @SpecialOne Great 👍 Thanks.

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    @AlyssaGB Great work. Perfect

  • @AlyssaGB wasn’t this finished a while ago?

  • -Huge changes on Reward videos (free BCs) system

    As you all know, the reward video system had a lot of issues, so we've been studying a process to eliminate all these problems. We believe that solution we implemented will eliminate these problems once and for all.

    How does this new system work?

    • There will be a cap per user and not per platform. This cap is 3 videos per placement. App users will be able to watch 9 videos per hour, while Web users will be able to watch 6 videos per hour (if all goes as expected, we should also implement the 3rd place on Web). Those placements are Free BCs screen, BC shop and Toolbar. Toolbar is only available on Apps, but should be implemented later on on Web if all works as expected.
    • There will be a maximum of 3 speeding videos per hour for Data Analyst
    • There will be a maximum of 3 fee videos per hour on Transfer List (Apps only. Again, if all goes as expected we should implement this also on Web on a later stage)

    osm_webupdate.jpg Live!
    osm_andupdate.jpg Live!
    osm_iosupdate.jpg iOS update will come later. If all goes as expected, should be live next week!

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    @SpecialOne Hi !

    I'm sorry but I don't understand the changes: everything that is said here is already applied it seems to me ...

  • @SpecialOne Absolutely love this update😆 As a web user, I use to be able to watch only 3 videos every 30 hours, and this felt so unfair since I don't spend money on boss coins and I don't usually have time to do Personal.y surveys and games, so I had less than 100 boss coins. But now I can actually increase my boss coin amount fast, and this makes me ecstatic. Thank you OSM! 😃

  • @SpecialOne Hello, how are you? As a web user, all is going as planned. I have been able to watch six videos an hour, which was the plan for the new update. All is going well after a week since the update. So I think it is time to implement a 3rd place (Toolbar) to watch videos every hour for web users, or at least in the very near future. It now feels like a disadvantage for me as a web user and probably other web users as well because app users can earn 9 free boss coins an hour while web users can only earn 6 boss coins an hour. The difference between the earned boss coins for web and app users adds up very quickly, and this seems unfair. So please I would love to see a 3rd place (toolbar) implemented on the web version

    The only slight problem I have been having with the new free bc system is that it usually takes me watching 8-9 videos to get 6 boss coins. I don't know why this happens because I watch the free ads all the way through but it sometimes gives me nothing. This minor issue is not something really serious though. I would rather be able to get 9 boss coins per hour by having to watch 12-13 videos than have 6 boss coins from 6 videos. 🙂