Question about training bar & "claiming"

  • Dutch Users

    What exactly does the training bar mean? I don't understand what the different colors mean and what the number means, see photo 2. And the other question is: When I have played a practice game and I click on revenge, the screen pops up where I can suddenly "claim" my own players. What does this mean (see 1st photo)?IMG_0586.PNG IMG_0588.PNG

  • @sjoerd-bakkenberg_NL When you 'claim' your player I think it means to claim the training progression for the players that shone out of the rest.

  • English Moderator


    The training bar is also known as the training progression. It shows the training progression of every player of the team as regards rating (i.e. for every time a players training progression hits 100 the players rating increases by 1).

    Players can gain training progression during training or through playing friendly games. When players finish their training there will be a complete button and when you click the complete button there will be an animation showing the increase / how much the players training progression has increased. But in the case of a friendly, instead of the complete button you have the claim button with same function. However, depending on the device like on web and android this is done automatically.

    As for the colour difference, this is due to the variation across devices and platforms.