Chose English as language, can't find Belgian friends

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    So my friends asked me to play their new OSM with them. We're all Belgians, but I prefer everything in English, so I chose the English language when I first got to the OSM site. This is my first time here btw. So I make an account, link my Facebook and my email, but I couldn't find my friends.

    So I tried a few things out since I'm not a noob on the internet, and it seems like the different languages don't share information??? So I made an account in English, and can't add or even find my friends who are on the Dutch version! This is kinda retarded, since language doesn't really matter. Everyone has their own preferences, but it's still the same platform, right? Apparently not...

    So I tried to make a new account on the Dutch site, but I can't because the username is already in use!!!??? Crazy stupid shit right here. So I'm thinking: "Alright, no problem, I'll just delete the old account and make a new one on the Dutch platform". But I can't find a way to delete the damned account, and now my email and Facebook are already linked to an account I cannot use, *****

    So my problem: I want to play with Belgian friends, who have accounts on the Dutch platform; however my account is on the English platform. How do I do this?

    Thanks and sorry for swearing, the OSM system is just a little bit retarded.

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    Hi, welcome to OSM and forums.

    You should find your answer on this topic