Another look at a cheater

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    So I'm in this Spanish division with a guy who is obviously cheating.
    I've reported him twice but sadly without any result.
    If this isn't the most obvious cheater ever then I don't know what is, if this user doens't get banned I'll quit OSM lmao.
    How am I supposed to take this game seriously of guys like these don't get banned.

    So please please moderators have a look at these images and ban this person from my competition.

    This guy runs literally 7 accounts in this competition!! ()
    He uses his other accounts to buy players from his main account (
    *) to generate money.

    As I said i've reported this player multiple times now, if this doesn't result into a ban then I won't be able to take this game seriously anymore. I mean come on it's very obvious please help.


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    Cheating will never be reported, discussed or handled through forums. If you've reported him already then you have to be till your report is handled.

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