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    I have noticed that when we put our players on the transfer window, only non-european teams buy them whereas it used to be all teams in the world buying the players before. Why is it like this now? Any specific reasons??

    The answer that one of the admins gave was not satisfying. He said "it is because the rating players in the league you are playing must be in 50-60 range which means that top league teams will not be active in transferring them" but this answer is not true. If I put Messi in the transfer list, still only non-European teams will buy him and I am asking why?

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    Who says only European teams will buy top players, I mentioned that top teams will be more active on the TL when you play a top league.

    Which league (Messi on TL) are you referring to anyway?

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    Dear King_Jamiu_10,

    I am referring to the first 4 top leagues in Europe and in the whole world here including Premier League (England), La Liga (Spain), Serie A (Italy), Ligue 1 (France) and Messi is in La Liga obviously.
    If you go to the transfer list and see the transferred players, you will see that only non-European teams had bought your players (any active accounts in the league).
    For example, if I put Lionel Messi in the transfer list, only non-European teams will buy him whereas in the past, European teams were involved, too.
    My question is why is that?

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    I currently play in the Portuguese league and on the transfer list players are being bought by teams from Europe and South America >> https://prnt.sc/ry8jn6

    How is this a problem? For me the most important thing is that players are being sold, not that it matters which teams buys them.

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    Well, yours might be an exception. Because I have played only in the top leagues recently and the situation is the same as I explained earlier.
    I didn't say there is a problem. I just asked why is it like that now?!!
    It was way better to see that European teams were involved in the transfers before and seem more realistic.

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    @akrami-N I am experiencing the same situation here

  • Tks for reporting it.

    There was needed in fact a minor adjustment to 'get back' Teams from top leagues to OSM deals 😉

    This was caused due to the recent updates on leagues, but it's fixed now. You should see them more often now on your league transfers!