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    Hi everyone, today I used boss coins several times to train some of my young people immediately, I think 3/4 times maximum.
    In the end, however, I verified that two of these players who are respectively 22 and 20 years old if I had to train them again would grow very little, Maximum 15 points out of 100.
    The championship is competitive and I would like to know if I made a mistake and therefore I "burned" these two young men or if I don't know how they will regain their ability to grow as they should.
    I need a reply thanks😎

  • Hi mate. As far as I know, when your players gets stronger their progress at the training becomes slower so you didn't make a mistake I think 🙂

  • Yes this is correct.
    The better players become, the harder it is to learn them something new. That's why it will be a bit harder to progress top players during Training and Friendlies.