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    I already looked back for tactics to beat 433b. I know I might Annoy you by asking this question.But I want to know what you guys think is beter he plays wingplay with offside trap and zonal marking. Ik play against him tonight away and tomorrow home in the winners cup. He has the highest squad value with 1.4 billion and 70 million per player. What should I use against him. I’m thinking 6-3-1 or 5-3-2 and what for the sliders and play style and marking, offside and positions that

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    I have the same issue. I tied in the beginning of the competition and now playing for the second time. He has only tied 2 times this season.

    I'm playing home tonight but I think that my 433A will lose to his 433b. My team is a slight stronger then his, but its almost equal. I'm playing wings, attack stay in front, midfield in position and defenders stay back. Zone defending and no offside trap.

    He's also playing wings but with NO zone defending with defending on the player. Don't know the English word.

    Does anyone have tips for me to secure the win?

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    Everything about tactics should be discussed here please>>>