Exchange of players between two teams

  • English Users

    Is it considered cheating by the osm management if two players of the same league were to proceed to an exchange of players and using the transfer option.
    Example: Exchange of a (91 Att player+10millions) with an 96 Att.
    The team getting the 91 player is expecting to increase their overall chemistry.

  • Provided they are not selling players for minimum value and the other player for maximum value to benefit one team, I don't think so. This is a grey area though so may be better for a staff member to chime in. You have definitely brought up a valid point though.

    At the end of the day managers can do whatever transfers they want if they're not doing the above, so if they want to specifically purchase players of a single nationality to give their team a boost then so be it.

  • This is correct! Thanks @Gary-Gomes
    If you ever suspects someone is cheating, you should report it via cheat report you can find on manager`s profile.