Transfer List, How does that make sense?

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    How does it make sense that one player success to sell players at very large prices over a long period of time. And the other players fail to sell even half the amount that he sells?

    Is the sale randomly done by the computer? Or by some other priority?

    It should be noted that he sells the highest prices possible to any player.

    Where is the fairness of the game? If one player sells at huge prices and the rest do not?

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    It is quite random, but not simple random. My observations: at the start of the competition, players are usually cheap and can sell for 2.5x very easily. The later you are, the worse the chance to sell. But this might also be because you're trying to sell better, more expensive players. I also noticed that I sell a lot in some seasons, and others I really struggle to get good prices for my players.

  • @RoyIluz Noticed same thing as well recently. SOme higher goals are selling constantly 50M worth of players each day, while lower goal teams struggle to sell even 20M worth of players no matter what they do and how active they are...

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    exactly the opposite.
    I sell cheaper players and it sells better players for the maximum price.

    In each situation, I have four average players in the sale.
    And in the last two days, I've sold $ 32.4 million, and he sold $ 284.4 million.

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    We have the same goal.
    In each situation, I have four average players in the sale.
    And in the last two days, I've sold $ 32.4 million, and he sold $ 284.4 million.

    Both of us selling our player in max price.. but he succeeded in some way and i am not.

  • It has actually taken me a longer time selling more expensive players as opposed to lower valued players...

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    Well I have sold like 5 expensive players and my cheapest player hasn't been sold.

  • @FranzysT Pure coincidence. Sometimes you are more successful and other times you may not be. Is there a cheaper player that has better abilities than the one you have put on the transfer list? This may also be a factor as to why he isn't being solder quicker.

  • Okay, after a week or so of observations I have noticed that there must've been some change to the way transfers work in recent updates. I am specially noticing that on my slot 4 in England, there are over 10 active managers on transfer list who constantly try to have 4 players on the list, yet every 2 hours when transfers happen we all sell 2 or 3 players combined... that is really really low rate.

    Also, on my weaker leagues that have started recently in Estonia and Kuwait I am starting to see a change there as well. Before in thos leagues this low rated players would sell on a quick rate early in the league (prep days etc.), yet again here as well I am seeing only 2 or 3 players being sold from all teams in the league combined during 2h period. That is catastrophic for us active users.

    Sadly It looks like there is no point in trying to be active anymore and refreshing your listed players and having there 4 all the time, because as it seems for now there is no difference between those who do that and those wo log in once or twice a day.. And that is sad really... Active users should have some edge due to their efforts and activity... πŸ˜•

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    @Majstor-Matt Both of your replies the same goes for me. I am a lower team and I suddenly am struggling to sell players. I have had a young player with high attributes on the list for 5 days now and lower attribute players around him sold for the exact same price the whole week.

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    @Majstor-Matt as far as I know, it's also depends on how far have your league gone. The closer to the end, the harder for a player to be sold.

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    I posted this earlier but unfortunately got an extremely indifferent and very poor answer from one King_Jamie who should be a moderater. He shut down my question and just linked to here. Didn't even answer. Very bad.
    Anyways, I'll try again. πŸ™‚


    So I am sure that people probably complain about this frequently, but I do feel that something is wrong when I try to sell players.
    First of all, I am in the middle of the season. Players sell all the time in my league and I have been able to do so and a "normal" pace in the first 1/3 of the season. Then something happened. Just for me. The other teams still sell players. Both low price and high price. I have had players on the list for 10 days or so without selling. I tried removed and putting on the transferlist again at a lower price. Nothing happens. Maybe day 5 now with new price.
    I dont ask top price when selling. Actually I ask much much less than my competitors. Who still sell. I dont try to sell old players at high price. I know of the 2,5 rule. I stay well below that.
    In the mean time my competitors sell players left and rigtht.
    I have to add that I now tried to buy low priced players (2-5 M range) and selling them. That actually works. But my players at 20-30 M range doesnt sell. Others put players on the list several days after mine, ask much more, and still sell while mine are stuck. Happens again and again.

    I lead the league and they obviously catch up with me since I cannot sell. My team stands still while theirs improve daily.
    I cant help to get the feeling it is like Mario Kart. When you lead, your competitors are made to drive faster so you will not be to dominant..

    Any tips of what to do?
    Thanks. πŸ™‚

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    Hi, atm in my second slot I'm in 1st place in France with PSG, with an amazing squad but still want to keep improving. I got 4 players in the transfer list and since 31st May (12 days ago) I donΒ΄t sell any of them, but in the league they sold players all the time, some even more expensive than anyone of my players.

    In my 3rd slot I'm 1st place with Wolves in England and I barely can sold players, some are stuck in transfer list for over 5-6 days.

    In the 4th slot I'm 1st with Feyenoord in Nederland and I'm selling only 1 player like every 3 days.

    In the 1st slot I'm in second place in the Uruguay and there I got +4 players sold almost every day, this weekend I sold 9 players in one day (it wasn't transfer event).

    PS: all the leagues are nearly to the end now (7-12 days to end)

    It really feels like when u are ahead something keeps making it harder to improve.

    Good afternoon to everyone πŸ™‚

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    I always sell very fast, today it took me 15 minutes to sell 2 players.

    Always buy players with 79 or less, as young as possible, never took me more then 12 hours to sell anyone like that, any players above 80 will always be more difficult to sell, above 90, even harder, and if you try to sell a golden player with more then 29 years, it can take a week or more.

    What I do is to put a golden player on the list, and always keep buying and selling any others below 79, easy like that. Usually I make 50M in about 3 days or less.