Training efficiency according to age

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    Dear Community,

    it is generally known that younger players are more efficient in training than older players.
    I heard about that 17-19 year old players do the training in the same efficiency. Is that true?

    But what about 14-16 Years old players? Is there training efficiency better than a player who is 18 years old?

    I cant find anything in the general support/infomation pages.
    Thank you

  • @DerTester I have not seen any 14-16 year old players implemented on OSM apart from the 442oons league who has Harvey Elliott at 16 or Ansu Fati at Barca at 17 Years old. However there is a difference. A 18 Year old will train better than a 30 Year old.

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    There are plenty of players who are younger then 17 years. For example cherki from lyon. He is 16.
    Its the normal french league, no 44oons or special league or so....regular french league.

    So maybe someone else or a moderator could help us here. My question is if 14 years old players train better than 18 years old players.....18 y better that 30y , this is clear.

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    Sorry mate, but we (support team) decides which topic stays on the support forum or otherwise.

    There is no 14 year old player in the game. But one thing is clear: a younger player will always have a better training progression compared to an older player. You can experiment and test this yourself, when you want to train your players or when they are on training you can always see by how much the player's progression will increase.

    Remember that how often you train a particular player can affect his training progression since it reduces overtime especially when their rating is above 100, the more they improve the less they train.