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    Hi dears, My club has no money and I've tried to buy with chip 93 Ramos in Transfer list. I've checked it was 172 chip. I've purchased 1240 special offer and I went back to buy Ramos but he's chip cost became 809 chip. I think player chip cost is relative your chip percent. If is like that this is really make me never buy chip again. Because more chip more lose.

  • @ceysın45 I think you misunderstood, you might have seen that it was 172 boss coins with your money/cash included and then later on 809 without any money available or in funds.

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    no dear I can prove it yesterday I had 1096 bc and 93 ramos was 803 bc when I create this post. and I spend almost 100 bc now 93 ramos is 772 bc I've added attachment picture just check it. At least just one of you stop being against me and check pictures. both of them I dont have any club money. And just check it please I am not a mental patient. just one of you check the pictures. I beggin you.


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