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    Can some support member or STAFF of the game look into my league?

    I have a guy that I think is making weird ***. Because I saw him having ***** and ***** in just first week + *****

    3 clubs making transactions each other which one is paying players at minimum price? Lol wtf is this.

    Search into my account I have only one slot open is on my current league..

    ***** I think is the team of the smart *****
    ***** and ***** are the ones he makes money and buys good players and then sell them for minimum for his team *****... What a trashcan


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    @Coachdocaralho and ***** lol just saw sold shit players for 30M and others 20M+ (to one of the 3 teams he's doing that shit) guess he had pretty much +150M on his account in ***** in first week + buys cheap OP players wtf ***** 19m and ***** 15.1 lol and many others probably. That's just what I saw from the tracks he left on transferred market....

    Cuz Getting sponsored in players and cash by his other 3 teams lol

    What a *****,

    Ridiculous situation.

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    Cheating will never be reported, discussed or handled through forums. If you suspect someone is cheating you can report him through our system by going to his manager profile and use the report cheater tool which you can find there.