Unfair scouting event timers (boosted scouts)

  • Dutch Users

    Hi lads,

    Why is it that scouts before the start of the event doesn't get the 2h bonus?
    The impact on our competition (2nd matchday and low budget teams) is gigantic. The unfairness of it will impact the competition as a whole.
    Let's say I have to wait 12 more hours before I can sent my scout again. Meanwhile other players in same competition can try their luck 6 times. Whut!?

    Could you please fix/reset these timers?

    Kind regards,

  • English Users

    This is true I am missing the event because I scouted before the starting of the event...

  • English Moderator


    There is nothing unfair here.
    The scout event was activated same time for everyone regardless of whether you've sent out your scout or not. It doesn't matter when it's activated, the situation is always the same.