• German Users

    Hey guys, i'm sorry to ask (i guess for the 50th time...) but I restarted playing after a year and that is why I'm suprised by the new layout...the training points are easy to understand but how can I see how useful a training is? I mean, i could buy 10000 boss coins and train 24/7 to improve my team endlessly...also with the new mode to be able to play friendlies 24/7...thanks for answering the question a 50th time! 😉

  • Hi mate,

    Welcome back and we hope you like new design, features... the New OSM!

    You can't really see the utility of the training and friendlies, but after a couple of them you will notice that the stats of your players will increase, so they have improved.

    When facing your opponents, those improved skills, combined with your tactics will assure your victory on the matches!

    If you spend boss coins on training, they will improve, but not at same rate 😉 and not forever