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    Hi, I believe user : *** is cheating - he is keeping sell and buy Levandowski again and again.. For example sold for 40M to Real madrid next day bought him immediatly for 17M. Levandovski's value is 17M for now in our game but yesterday he sold him again to another team for 45M. Probably he ll buy back again. I reported him as a cheater on game 15 days ago but he is still doing this things. If you wont find a solution i will probably stop playing the game which user can cheats..

    Thank you..

  • There is a proper place to report cheaters and forum is not the one 😉

    Go to League table, then click on Manager list. Click on the name of the manager you want to report and then you will find on top right "Report as cheater".
    Click in there and follow the instructions.
    Don't forget to activate the report by clicking on the link you'll get on your mail!

  • Hello and welcome

    You can report it via cheat report tool as @Diamant1987 explained, or you can send and e-mail to EN.support@onlinesoccermanager.com with an explanation of cheating and include your manager name

    Thanks @Diamant1987