Can't open transfer list into a new tab anymore (Facebook on laptop)

  • I usually like to open the transfer list in a new 'tab' when on Facebook using Chrome on a laptop - this is so I can easily compare the players on the list to those on my roster. It used to work but for the last week or two it begins to load and then says 'oops something went wrong'. Is this a bug or deliberate?

  • Hi mate,

    Everything works fine here.

    Have you tried on another PC? This could be something local.

    If you tried, can you please explain exactly the steps you do, so we can try to reproduce it!

  • @SpecialOne

    Hey thanks for the reply.

    It must be something wrong with my laptop, as it worked on my girlfriends using her profile. I tried it again on my laptop using Microsoft Edge but that didn't work either. All I do is when the game opens, I just click 'Team' and then right click > open in a new tab on say 'roster' or 'transfer list'. It starts to come up, for a brief second I see everything, and then it disappears and says something went wrong. ill get a new laptop soon anyway so its all good!