0 of form after training

  • Hello,
    Why are my players at 0 of form after training since yesterday?
    Could you solve this bug?

  • Bug on iOS App (iPhone)

    Login: Gillar33
    Account: (Slot1, Slot2, Slot3 and Slot4)
    Date & Time of the bug: Since yesterday
    Platform:iPhone App
    Bug step-by-step Description: since yesterday, all the players of my 4 teams account get 0 of form when they have been trained. It happens only on the iphone App and not on the mozilla browser.
    App version: 9.3.5

  • administrators

    @Gillar33 said in 0 of form after training:

    App version: 9.3.5


    iOS version of OSM App is 4.1.6
    There was no update since 22nd December.... What changed on your phone? Have you updated something? Can you provide us a screenshot of the error?

  • The screenshot would be exactly the same than the one posted by Cruntzi on the topic "phisic form 0 after training".. Nothing changed on my phone. No update. According to Cruntzi, I am not the only one to have this bug.

  • administrators

    Since there's a topic where this situation was already reported, I'm gonna close this one!

    Tks for reporting it!

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