Cheater Reports going unanswered over 72 hours

  • English Users

    Would you please arrange for someone to review my Cheater Report sent via email (as the Email activator wasn't working) on 29th April and further chaser sent yesterday evening. I require urgent action as our league finishes tonight, so action required before simulation at around 21.00 hrs UK time. I don't believe that the excuse for the delay in responding can be put at the door of the China/Wuhan virus.

    I am sure the vast majority of managers, especially those that pay for the privilege of playing OSM, are still wondering why GB has failed to remedy the problem of cheaters after so many years. Their argument, I suppose, is that only a small minority of users fail to obey the rules/terms and conditions which they had agreed to at the time of registration to OSM. However, that overlooks the frustrations of the honest users, who waste time, energy, money, league position and or cup triumphs, MP's and prestige amongst peers on a league season ruined by the few.
    Why can't the cheating managers not only have their accounts locked but permanently added to a blacklist of servers used by those abusing the rules? Rid the game of these scumbags now and forever.
    What income do GB gain from the cheaters, that prevents them taking proper action? In my experience of these cheating managers over the last ten years, is that most appear to be free subscribers and invariably from a limited number of countries. GB to post full details of the top 10 cheating countries on the forum please.
    Suggest that a weekly pop up window appears after logging in, outlining the rules/terms and conditions as relate to cheating and a tick box to acknowledge you understand the implications should you digress from the rules. One proven deviation from the rules will result in your server being banned for life - one strike and out.