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    My brother created a new osm account and because he was new in the game, I wanted to give him a player and I did not know that it broke the terms, we did 2 back to back transfers and today when I logged in my account, it said suspension for illegal transfers, I swear that I did not cheat and all of the manegers in the leauge are my friends, so they know that ıI did not cheat , this is the first time I had suspension since I have started the game in 2014, please help me for accesing my account before 7 days because leauge was very challenging and I do not want to lose my hype and I also want to mention that I really spent time for my team before I suspended . I really enjoy while playing OSM and I can not wait 7 days.

  • Hi,
    Cheating, suspension lock and appeal will never be handled or discussed through our forums.
    To appeal your suspended account, log into the account on web platform and you'll find the option to appeal.