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    Re: [BUG](A double player !)

    The league I am playing in has 2 players on the Transfer List. Both are called Paulinho one is 102 att and 104 def with a 66.6 million valuation and the other is 94 att and 93 def with 30.1 mil valuation. Both are 31 yr old Brazilian midfielders and from Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao. The other difference is the full name. one reads José Paulo Bezzera Júnior (which I checked is Paulinho's full name) the other simply Paulinho.

    The league is Pokal der Champions. Is this normal?

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    You already answered your question! Their full names are different so they are different players.

    As leagues are updated player names too gets updated so when there is a change in player names resulting to a player having two different names the engine doesn't see them as the same, it takes them as two different players.

    However, this issue can only happen on old leagues but will not occur on new leagues because new leagues are created with updated info.