"Oops something went wrong"

  • English Users

    Ever since the server crash recently i can't play anymore. I log into my account and it's instantly redirected to the error page. Yes, it's the only account I have and it's really frustrating.

  • @Saa-jr Hi mate,

    try these steps:

    • clearing cache/temporary files, try another device or browser

    • change the internet network you're using

    • try to disable antivirus, anti banner. Sometimes antivirus does not allow you to join on OSM.

    If you tried these steps and the problem still is then report as a bug that you can find on this topic: https://forum.onlinesoccermanager.com/topic/308/important-info-please-read/3. Type as much information as you can, with a detailed description of each step you took and include screenshots as well.

    Kind regards

  • Hi,

    I've checked your account and I can't find any problems on it.

    This is something local, problems on your PC.

    You need to clear ALL temporary data, cookies included. You may also try on another PC just to be sure.

    (You may use external software like CCleaner to clear temporary data on your computer)