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    Hello ,

    this morning i wanted to scout side forwarders -25 years (hoped for Fati or Rodrygo) but received a bunch of players that i didn't needed. Youngest was 23 , rest was 25 and above. My son had the same problem , scouting side defenders ( he wanted Trent Alexander ) but also received players with defense value under 18 and age above 23.
    I know you can't always get what you want but this is the first time that the scout gives us bad players.
    Was there a problem r an update ? Please give us back the good scout 😉

  • @Dennizmessi_NL Hi mate,

    Scout is working just fine.The game's scouting system cannot guarantee you the arrival of a specific player. When you send your scout to bring players with certain criteria and the scout don't find any more players available matching that criteria he brings the closest players he can find since the scout is designed to always bring players instead of coming empty handed.

    Kind regards

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    @Lirind That's correct!

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