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    I've put so many players on the transfer list but it seems no team wants to buy them.
    even I have put their price too cheap looking their real value, but no transfer happens, on the other hand, other teams on my league have been able to sell at least 3 or 4 players each gameday, and thats happening in all my slots. can someone help me please?

  • Turkish Users

    I have same problem. I manage Brighton and Hove Albion. I sold 7-8 players in 2-3 days but last 4 days I sold only 1 player. I think OSM thinks that lower budgets teams don’t increase their team value easiky but OSM doesn’t allow to anything. It is so absurd I think.

  • @Angél-Correia @ardayldrm123 Hi mates,

    Sometimes we are lucky and sometimes we are not. This affects not only you but all managers. Transfers are done by the engine at random and there's no guarantee that players added to the transfer list will sell quickly at any price. Remove them from the TL and re-add them again to see if it helps you sell quicker. Sometimes we could sell up to 6+ players, sometimes less and other times no sale for even up to a week. There isn't much one can do to help, you just have to keep working the transfer list to figure out how to sell your players quicker.

  • Thanks Lirind,
    Only luck is involved here, but remember higher value players has less chance to be sold. So, dropping the price on a transfer list is the best option to do, I usually tend to sell them around 2.0-2.3 times of their value.