You need to use 11 players

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    Hello, I'm watching the commentary on the app version. At the end of the match they said "You need to play 11 players to win!" (I forgot what excatly they said). I checked my line up, and I've already set it up completely. Does anyone know what this mean?

  • Polish Moderator

    @FranzysT Maybe you forgot to put all players into starting 11.

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    @ToomAnyWays No, as I've stated above: I have set it up completely.

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    Sometimes the commentator says stuff like that when a player has a bad performance. For instance if you lose a game and your keeper will be rated 4 for example the commentator might say something like that... it just means that the goalkeeper was useless in that game and made no difference. That's what I think... In my case it happens every time with the team captain... I choose Messi to be captain, oldest in the team, best and most experienced, and at the end of the game the commentator says "I don't think Messi is the best choice for captain. There are others with more experience"... no there aren't. Just one of those things.

  • English Moderator


    My colleague @ToomAnyWays is absolutely correct! You only get that message when you don't completely fill in your line up.
    However, the engine automatically completes the line up during simulation so when you checked your line up and saw it was complete; that was the reason.

    Your lineup will only be incomplete after simulation if any or some of your players gets injured, sent off (given a red card), or gets suspended (misses next match) during the game.