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    How to view live online matches on laptop like we view on the mobile?In the mobile,there would be commentary and all but there is nothing like that in the laptop version
    Please help urgently as I wanna see today's match urgently....It's in about 2 hrs from now

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  • @AuroraAlpha Hi,

    keep in mind that this is a simulation game and it's not possible to watch the match live when it's going on. The only option that we'll have is match experience, that you can watch when simulations are done. The Match Experience is the first things that pops in front of your screen as soon as your Slot's simulation is completed. If you press Skip you will miss the details. Just click on the Continue button and watch the exact story of the whole match. There is no re-run button on the Web version. So far only on Android and iOS we have the commentator and on Webb we only have Match Experience so far.

  • This is correct... thanks 👍