not enough players for line-up .. what are the risks ?

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    Hey there !
    i'm playing in a crew battle
    Here are the following rules :

    • no coins allowed
    • no timer

    here's my question :
    What if i send players in training, i have to wait 4 hours because of the staff event
    And now i don't have enough players for line up

    is my team forfeit ?
    i had to buy bad players to fill my line up
    but can anyone tell me how that works?

  • It isn't forfeit, most likely if you have bench players the assistant will put players if you didn't do it, but even without players "set in the lineup", players still go on the field, the risk is obviously risking giving your opponent an advantage

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    If you have put players in training and you don't have enough players to put in your starting eleven, the engine will fill the empty positions with players in training and if that's not enough to fill the empty position then your team plays the game without players for the missing position(s). That's why you must always have at least 3 forwards, 4 mids, 4 defenders and 2 goalies in your team whether you like it or not. So this can only happen if your players are suspended or injured.