Can computers make Winners Cup?

  • I was reading a post related to the Winners Cup, in which something was mentioned about 4 teams (top 4) making it there, I don't know if that would be possible, and I suddenly I remembered, the 4th place in my league is a bot, or computer, would that team qualify, or the next best manager would make it (Said manager is 5th place)

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    Firstly all teams have managers in the Winners Cup (Because the game cannot offer a Winners Cup Ticket to a Computer) I didn't even know you would get into the Winners Cup if you finished 4th. So I don't know if the 5th placed manager will be given a ticket if the computer finished above he/she

  • @Crinel-Meldo Thanks, although I'm not sure about 4th though, for example only 1 Turkish managed team made it, meanwhile many of premier and Serie a ma de it