• Also why can’t normal users see who down votes posts? Staff can

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    @jeffro-davies Very interesting. One person downvoted all my posts in this topic, but i dont know who. I would to know who is this person.

  • @Ado-Hackovic so would many others but we will be ignored as always and not answered properly

  • @jeffro-davies Same here, it would be good once to see once in a while who downvoted in posts, for example, I lost 5 reputation of downvotes in 2 posts, and I can't know who it was

  • Perhaps in order to try to offer a "fair" voting system?
    If it's not anonymous, people will certainly hesitate to downvote.
    Nonetheless, same can be said in other way I guess, it's also easier to downvote without any reason, based on something other that pure meaning on the actual comment.
    In any case, this system encourages a positive attitude rather than negative, that's cooler, no?

    Don't know if it's relevant but think maybe of old good times when you had to elect your class representative haha Everyone put the paper folded (anonymously) in the box!

    (I think this question should be posted in another topic, btw)

  • @Ado-Hackovic Yes, this has happened to me before where one person or persons downvote multiple of my posts in a row, but I can't find out how. And the only way currently to find out is to see if there are any negative responses to my posts and assume who is downvoting them, and this isn't good because you can end up making a false accusation. I would like to know or see who downvotes my posts so I can clarify with them what I actually meant or ask them exactly why they downvoted my post.

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    Hey guys,

    We should always create a new topic for different issues.

    Downvotes like upvotes is a system to show that you support what someone has posted or not. But some users tend to abuse this system by downvoting posts not because they support or agree with what was posted but because they just don't like the poster or they just downvote for downvoting sakes.

    So there is a limitation as to who can see who downvotes post (in this case only staff members).
    While regular users may start a downvote war, swearing, insults, offensive comments, etc... if they know who downvotes their posts, Staff members can take control of the situation and put a hold on that particular user if necessary (when it becomes clear a particular user is misusing the downvote tool) and minimise any issues on the forum space.