Account ban. Do I need to know who and why.

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    This isn't my account, it's another one that was closed today.
    I get illegal transfers when I haven't done any for about 4 days and the last one I did I bought on transfer lists from the machine.

    It doesn't explain to me how long I'll be like this or anything.
    They've already made me lose my league...

    I'm afraid this ban was motivated by a player with a Russian name who was at Mallorca (goal 16) with a team of more than 500 million, if you read correctly, more than 500. But of course, I was second and I had to use all the tools to win the league.
    But of course, he was second and had to use all the tools to win the league.

    If you want justice to be complete and not partial.

  • @magnel_1 Hi mate,

    I'm sorry but this will not be discussed on the forums, because here you will not find any solution. Send an email to and explain the problem in detail.

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    @Lirind Thanks 👍