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    Hello, first of all, i congratulate you for constantly engaging in the game and listening to the managers and helping them. I think the biggest reason the game doesn't get old.</p> <p>If we get to the position, my friends and I have opened a league, the last two games left and I'm on the same score as City. If City win their last game, he'll be champions and probably won because he's against the boat, but i drew at home with City, even though my goal was 4. I beat him at home. Even though I beat him, he's going to be the champion just because he's scored five more goals in the boots. We were very desist on the championship, but it sadded me that I lost it because of such a shortcoming. I would appreciate if you could find a cure before my league ran out, after a long break we decided to play a league as old friends, but it was not fun for me it was 1.5 months i wasted my wasted effort.

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    Like every League FA in real life, OSM has it's specified criteria for breaking ties between teams >> Tie Breaking Criteria that won't change just because of a single manager maybe next time it could be in your favour.