Only 2 transfers in a day

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    Today only 2 player sold in our league and we can not gain money.I try to sell players who are less 85 overall but still I could not sell even one.How can we enhance number of transfers.

  • @Muammer-Gunen Hi mate,

    sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you are not. This affects not only you but all managers. Selling players is just random, if other managers sell players, then nothing is wrong there. Remove them from the transfer list and re-add them again to see if it helps you sell faster. Sometimes we can sell up to 6+ players, sometimes less and other times no sale for even up to a week. There are many factors that you need to be careful about if you sell players such as age, position, other players on the transfer list in the same position, and so on. There isn't much one can do to help, you just have to keep working with transfer list to figure out how to sell your players quicker.

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    @Lirind First of all I want to thank you dor your answer.But 11 manager sold only 2 players in a day.İt is not just my problem.İf you have general solution to this problem please say that.However I will use your tactics hopefully İt will work

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