Political advertisements in Serbia

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    Hello, We often hear, even in the OSM rules it says that politics in the game is forbidden. However, managers living in Serbia have witnessed violations of these rules. Namely, elections are being held in Serbia, and the OSM is promoting politicians. I live in Germany for 4 years and I have never seen OSM policy promoted in Germany. Is profit more important than the game? Do you know that people despise those politicians you advertise? My friend sent me a screenshot of an ad, and I'll forward it.received_746732182802172.png

    I demand that you abide by the rules you have imposed on us.


  • OSM doesn't make any political statements or promotions.

    I've no idea what that screenshot is about.

    If it's an ad at OSM, please let us know where and when it shows and we'll talk with our ad partners to remove it|

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    @SpecialOne Two days ago a friend told me about this, and I told him to take a screenshot so I could share it on the forum, which he did.
    As I wrote, this advertisement appears in Serbia in advertisements for boss coins

    This screenshot is about a political party, this is a political spot

  • @Ado-Hackovic said in Political advertisements in Serbia:

    As I wrote, this advertisement appears in Serbia in advertisements for boss coins

    Can you be more specific?

    Something like:

    • Android App
    • Click on Boss coin symbol to go to shop
    • Click on video/free BC
    • This promotion shows
  • German Users

    @SpecialOne Yes i can
    This is on android app when he clicks on video for free boss coins. I think I was clear in my first post, the only thing I didn't write was which platform it was. I believe the same is true on both iOS and the web version

  • We'll look at it. Tks for reporting it!