I cannot scout any player I want

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    Iā€™m in the premier league with my friends but i can never scout dembele or Werner or bernardaschi even though no one has got them. I will put the scout to 85+ and young, but he will bring me older players and I do not know how to fix it.. please help

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    @SAQER007 Well mate...., werner is in germany so he cannot be scouted as Gamebasics' licence with bundesliga has not been renewed so all managers (excpet who play in german language) cannot play bundesliga or scout players playing in bundesliga(excpet bayern; u must have noticed tht bayern players are available) timo werner plays in bundesliga but is not in bayern so u cannot scout him. Where as on dembele, there are 3 dembeles one is in china , other in spain and the last in France. China one is old(32) while the other two are 23 (you are right on telling the scout young players) but you got there stats wrong both. They both are NOT 85+,
    They are 81 and 84 stat respectively(spain is 84 and france is 81). Becoz you told the scout to get you 85+ they are most probably getting you young: mbappe, sterling, harry kane. Old: Ronaldo, Messi.
    As for the third player you mentioned im not sure about him. If he plays in bundesliga then you cannot get him. āœŒšŸ‘ŠšŸ˜„

  • as @Lakshay-Ahluwalia told you, your criteria are wrong and German players, except Bayern Munich, can't be scouted. About Bernardaschi, he plays in Italy - Juventus (If you mean about this player) - and his stats is 81. You have to put the scout criteria to 75-84. But remember that when you send your scout to bring players with that criteria and the scout don't find the players matching that criteria he brings the closest players he can find since the scout is designed to always bring players instead of coming empty handed.

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