• English Users

    I sent a tactic request to the official page a day or two ago and I haven't been responded to. I won the game either way but for future purposes I would like to say that asking for formations outside the Official Page is more efficient (I have seen managers being responded to long before the moderators get there). What can you do about it?

  • @Crinel-Meldo

    They can't do jack shit bro, and I emphasize with you on your problem. You can't rely on the forums, sometimes everyone is so selfish (especially these experienced a******* that have been here since forever), they simply don't wanna share their line-ups & tactics.

    Rely on YouTube, various FaceBook groups and Websites, that's your only hope.

  • English Moderator

    Please use the Tactic request topic for discussion about tactics...no one can be forced to post, answer or share what he thinks is the best tactic for him....