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    Hey there,

    did something happen with the transfer list? Mainly in new, smaller and weaker leagues?!

    Since i play them the last times (for example Kosovo, Gibraltar or Andorra) only weak players appear on the list. Or superstars (90+) and no team (strenght around 60) could afford them. Its almost impossible to build a strong team and as i play this game since 8 years, i was not like this some months ago....

    Maybe somebody could tell me, if something was changed through GB or not.

    Thank you kindly.


  • English Users

    @BensonBSC mate it will happen. Trust me. Im in Egypt and i have 100 van dijk,96 greenwood 92 pogba 94 sterling 92 mbaape etc. U need to buy weak players and sell them for full price again to make money. Then scout or buy ur desired player.