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    Hi everyone ,

    İ have a idea for crew beatle system.

    We could choose to our oppement level. For example ;

    İf i create new crew and start to battles. My crew should choose battle with top level crews .

    Why we should choose oppement level?

    Because many old and famous crews want to come back to OSM but low levels are so boring and easy. Many oppenent resign in the middle of battle.
    And many good crews are play with low levels crew. And they spend many boring time for level-up.

    How this system working?

    This system work with diferent pointing.
    For example;
    İf my crew is first class crew and we play with third level crew.
    İf we win this battle we have 80 points ( 100-2 level x 10points=80 points)
    İf my oppenent win . They have 120 points ( 100+2x10=120 points )

    What are these system advantage?

    1- More players
    2-Free play confortable
    3- More good crew who is really good in top levels.
    4- More variation battle
    5- New players have more experience when play with better crews.

    We can discuss this system
    Thank you 🤠

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