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    Can you be with your old squad the new season in a private league.

  • @Wenzy_7 Hi mate,

    OSM is one season game. There is no continuity in the same league with the same team. You can play the same league again with the team you had, but that doesn’t mean you will continue with the team you built last season.

    To have the same team - Winners Cup ticket: if you play in these leagues: England, Spain, Italy, France, Turkey, etc. you will get a Winner Cup ticket if you win the league or if you finish in these places:

    The qualifications scheme:

    4 teams (1-4): Spain, England, Italy and Germany

    3 teams (1-3): France

    2 teams (1-2): Portugal, The Netherlands and Turkey

    In the Winners' Cup you play with the same team you build, only for 13 matches and then it will reset from the beginning.

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    @Lirind Thanks!