About VAR and hindered by the game.

  • Portuguese Users

    Hello, I would like to express my opinion on the recent addition of VAR in the game. First of all, I say that I found this implementation totally unnecessary, for the reason that there is no way for us, coaches, if the cancellation or validation of a goal, for example, was really correct, because the match is simulated and there is no view of the move, as an impediment to be marked.

    In addition, how is it possible to know how this system is controlled? As there is no preview of the revised move, as in a real match, what is the basis for this interference?

    I also add indignation here with the results of matches after the implementation of this system. I see that for a few weeks, both myself and other coaches, have been affected by some form of 'Handicap', a disadvantage, which is not something that recurs, or that happens on a few occasions, but something that is constantly affecting the experience in the game , and I can say that in 8 years of playing, I have never seen so much disadvantage in such a short period of time.

    I have 4 clubs currently in charge, and I say that I feel that I have been suffering a lot in the last three weeks, or more precisely since the VAR update. I make it clear that I am not the only one to suffer from this, but I participate in several groups and communities that I face daily with these same complaints.

    I hope you understand, as I see that the OSM is not being impartial in terms of results. Even formations that worked correctly or teams that are much higher, especially against uncontrolled teams, bots, happen to perform extremely below what I would consider correct.

    I am grateful if you read this outburst about recent events, but it is not only with me that this happens and I came on behalf of everyone who is also facing these problems.

    Thanks for this incredible game, but I think that criticism is relevant.

  • English Users

    The way I understand this feature, it is completely inconsequential and only there for decoration, a.k.a. "flair" of football.

    Every time the match experience tells you there was a VAR check, the outcome has already been decided by the simulation algorithm.

    It is just like with fouls: the foul is real (in the simulation), but the reason for it is arbitrary. That is why, for example, your attacking player can be carded in OSM for a "desperate foul" even though this is quite impossible in real life. The same goes for injuries: the injury is real in the simulation, but the reason for it is picked arbitrarily from the list of injuries stored in the program somewhere.

    I would not worry about this too much if I were you.