No Gold Players - Nikk Grba (Proper Stara Scola) Germany

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    Hi guys

    My username is Nikk Grba.

    I am currently in a league with all my friends called "proper stara scola"

    I am with Bayern Munich, I have been saving money. I got about 200M saved, I am waiting for gold players to pop up.

    There is no gold players coming up in that league. Only Harry Kane which I dont need.

    Can you please put more Gold players on the transfer market, usually there is way more gold players coming up in every season I have been in.

    This season there is no gold players at all and there. Can you please put Gold players on the transfer market. Defenders, Midfielders, Forwards.

    Thank you guys

    PS if possible, maybe put up Gold Martial, Bruno Fernandes, Sissoko, Tonali, Walker, Henderson, Son

    If not all good, as long as some gold players come up soon.

    thank you

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    The transfer list is random, so different players with different skills are added. No need coming here to ask that players be put on the transfer list.
    The engine will do this automatically, you just have to wait till the type of player you want are added!