Weong team when starting new comp

  • Dutch Users

    I'm currently moderator of a league and have chosen a new competition to start once this one finishes. It says I'll be managing Jong AZ next and I actually picked Volendam.
    This used to be a visual glitch, but now at the start of the new comp today I actually got the wrong team. Additionally, it seems to skip the usual four days of team preparation, the comp started today but status screen shows "Delayed"

  • Dutch Users

    No solution? Well OK, never mind then.
    I will delete the comp as soon as this season has ended.

  • Hi,

    After league starts it's no longer possible to make changes!

    To be sure if there's an issue with your league, just set next season with some days in advance (and not on last day) and check settings saved. If they match, good, if not, then please report it ASAP with the settings you wanted and we'll try to check the reason before league resets