Can't do settings for next season

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    i am the league admin and our league had the last game yesterday. since 1 week i try to set the league settings for next season. But it does not work. everytime i try to choose a league in "next season"->"Choose league" i pick one, but nothing happens. I cant choose any team from that league and the chosen league itself isn't visible.
    Its like i haven't chosen any one.

    Please help.

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    @LeviG20 is it a crew league? anyway, go to "moderator tools" and you should be able to set up all parameters and following league.

  • English Moderator


    Please try setting your next season on the website or alternatively you can follow these steps on to set next season on the app:

    Select the league that you want to play next season.
    -- The league is not visible.
    Bring the app to the background.
    Bring the app back to the foreground.
    Select again the same league.
    -- The league should be visible.
    Same counts for selecting a team.