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    Hello everyone! I have a question for those of you who played winner's cup. Have you noticed that moral of players is extremely low? I don't get it why. I'm playing in my slot 2 with Real Madrid. I won the championship and few days ago I entered winner's cup. I have a squad of 18 players (5 forwards, 5 midfieldrs, 6 defenders, 2 goalkeepers). 2 days ago I had first match. I played 4-3-3, so I haven't used 2 forwards, 2 midfielders, 2 defenders and backup goalkeeper. After FIRST match, moral of players I haven't used fell to 85 percent. For the second match, I made 2 or 3 changes but I wanted to play with my best players. Today, I also made 1 or to 2 changes to my starting lineup and after 3rd match of the group stage I have squad with extremely low moral. None of my players have 100 percent moral. And my backup goalkeeper who haven't appeared in first 3 games has moral 78 percent.
    I don't understand why it's so low. In the league, if I have young good goalkeeper, I played him 5 matches in a row, and my backup goalkeeper still have moral 100 percent. And here in winner's cup, if someone misses one match, his moral is 5 percent lower.
    This has no sense to me. So is there any chance to fix this drop of moral?
    And I don't know is this related with moral and fitness but 3 of my players had injured in today's match. So now I have a squad with low moral and full of injuries.

  • @Ivan-Liverpool-Jovanovic Hi,
    a players morale is affected,

    -The recent results
    -The amount of times they are being played.
    So to increase the morale try to get some good results and try to include the lower morale players in your line ups

  • As @BABAYİĞİD-aslantepe said, players need to play and your team has to have good results to increase morale.

    It's same on all leagues, but you probably didn't noticed it earlier because you were winning all matches 😉