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    i am playing at 16456587 ID number league, there are so many unfair about transfers, every day , every time , in every transfer time Leicester City selling minimum 2 players and earning 70-75 m money, he already got 28 players and minimum 100 m money, but i have just 20 players and less than 1 m, we are playing this league with 16 friends, and some friends also have complains about leicester city, now you will say transfer is just for chance, but why this chance never smile to me? i play this game around 15 years and i always buy coins etc, but he not, if will be unbalances should be for paying person, not for him. and my players not selling, please fix this, and i tired when everyday look for transfers and see leicester city, will retire the game if so, thanks bye.

  • Hi

    As you know and stated, selling players is a random system.
    Selling chance is calculated based on player transfer value and ratio between player transfer value and player base value.

    Some other factors that may influence it are number of players on TL » 10% sale chance is not the same if you've 20 players or 50.

    You and Leicester manager have both 4 players each on TL and Leicester Manager has more chances of selling 2/3 players than you. Maybe you can learn from him and have 4 players always with different transfer values on TL (one below 10M, another between 10 and 20....). You may not be selling the 4, but while you wait for the more expensive to be sold, you can sell the cheaper ones.