• Dutch Users

    Hi all,

    I am an old player and started playing again since yesterday (previous period ended in 2013). A lot seemed to have changed, but I will stay positive for the moment I guess.

    1. Anyway, I started my league, but now I want to invite my friends. How can I do that?
    2. Will they be able to pick any team they want, or will they have to buy the boss points for that?

    Thanks in advance,

  • @managereflientjes_NL Hi mate,

    1. If you play on Webb then click on your name at the top right and you will see the option Friends.

    Screenshot 2020-07-31 at 09.56.58.png

    • if you play in the App then click on the menu at the top right and the first option you will see is Invite managers


    1. They will be able to choose the team they want

    2. You can use chat (on Webb) and put the name of the manager (your friend) and go to his profile and click invite

  • Thanks Lirind.

    One thing more: There are two versions of the Game (World and Dutch), so be sure that your friends are on same version as you