Can't start the new created german league like a moderator!!

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    I am playing this game more than 10 years, almost always like a moderator, and this happened for the first time! Yesterday I finished the last league and today created the german (first changed the language from english to deutsch). It cost about 150 COINS. It was everything ok until the creation. It appeared like this Screenshot_2020-08-03 Career - OSM.png
    I tried to join it in spite of that and then appeared this ![0_1596490631425_Screenshot_2020-08-03 Choose Club - OSM.png](Uploading 100%)

    The text from the second picture if you can't open it:
    Your request to access this league is reviewed by the league's moderator. Please check back later.

    Hope you can fix the ERROR efficiently!!

  • @_Safti_ Hi mate,

    You can find your answer on this topic >>

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    Thanks for the quick answer,

    but didn't like it so much. I don't look the changing of the language like cheating, than the only way to play one of the most popular legues in the game! (Probably almost every manager plays that way!) On the other side the german language was active on the league reset. I returned it to english when I posted the issue on the support forum.

    If you can't fix the league it will be quite fair to return my hardly acquired coins and unlock my slot.

    If I didn't like the game I wouldn't play it so many years trust me! Hope you understand it and will do something...

    Thanks in advance

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    Like I stated on this topic:

    It's not a normal scenario or a bug, this error was as a result of your actions.

    Bundesliga is only available to German users for a reason so if users try to bypass/cheat in creating a league which is not meant to be available to them then
    OSM will not take responsibility for users actions.

    Sorry, but we won't be making any changes or make any refund!