Can't start the new created german league like a moderator!! (2)

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    There is always a way to continue the conversation πŸ˜‰

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    I appreciate that you are admins and that you have all the possibilities (lock the post or bann a user), but I had the need to write this.

    I don't think it was difficult for a team (game) like this to prevent situations like this from happening in the beginning, but after the act in a very awkward way??

    As for coins, as in almost every other game the problem is when they need to be returned compared to when they need to be collected with the spilled blood (clicking on everything possible)!

    Think about what this normal scenario brings (takes) you in the future...

    I don't expect any answer and from kind like you I expect to be banned from the forum or something like that πŸ˜‰

    Sorry, but I won't be playing the game for a long time!

  • @King_Jamiu_10 how can this (changing a languages) be considered a cheat? There is still constant insult, humiliation of those who ask you to solve their problem.
    What is your job here? If you don’t like it, then why are you in that position? It is your duty to meet all of us and help us, but you are constantly insulting and humiliating us.
    I consider your answer to his post an insult to intelligence.
    As a fan of the Bundesliga, as a man who comes from Serbia, you deprived me of the right to play the Bundesliga and the right to play the game in my language and post in forum on my language.

    I think its enough from your (GB) Side

  • As it's already know by community, Gamebasics has no other rights beside German language for German leagues.

    Some users decide to search and pick backdoors to go around game limitations and restrictions. They do it at their own decision and risk.

    If things doesn't work as they expected, then they have to face the consequences, in this specific the loss of BCs spent on creating league.

    @Ado-Hackovic it's not first time you make this kind of posts. We like to have active users and users that love OSM contributing and helping community grow and also help OSM grow. If you're not able to do it, then you're not welcome on OSM forums and maybe at one point you won't also be welcome at OSM!