Login issues, but matches simulated

  • English Users

    Last night there were issues to login around the match simulation time (around 23:45 Central European Time, maybe it started earlier), but the simulations still took place. A Forum moderator closed the topics this morning with the comment "Everything seems to work fine now....please report again if any problem comes up...sorry for the inconvenience...."

    I can login again now, but I see the simulations have taken place. That's why I open a new topic, because in my opinion the simulations should stop immediately when there are login issues. This didn't happen this time and also didn't happen the last time. Some people were knocked out of the cup or lost a crucial league match because they were not able to make a line-up (and start/finish training, use a training camp or put players on the transfer list before the workers during the night) My question to GameBasics is: how will you prevent that matches are simulated when there are login issues?

    If GB can't find a solution for this (like postponing match), then cancelling a simulation round is also acceptable for me. This should happen to last nights matches that were simulated after the login issues started.

  • German Users

    It would be good to know if GB makes new settings on the servers. Why can't we announce this early enough so that each of us can set it up beforehand.
    I also always set up the team just before the simulation. Yesterday evening it was unfortunately not possible for me.
    I would like GB to talk about these problems and not just close the thread as written because it works again now.

  • Italian Moderator

    if login issues are only for some users (from a specific region, or for a specific device) how can GB prevent it or delete simulations?
    in most of the cases, when there are login issues with a device (for example for ios app) it's possible to log by web and make lines-up in that way

  • English Users

    @Daniele-Benjiamin The issue yesterday evening was a general login issue. The web version was not available.

  • Hi,

    Unfortunately last night there were some problems when accessing OSM Web version. As some of you know, ALL Internet games/pages require several companies to work, not only the 'owner' company.

    No matter which solution we pick, we'll never please all users, so going back on simulated matches, beside not being a fast or easy solution, the number of affected users won't justify such a decision.

    If it was possible to stop simulations (like it was in past situations), we would have stopped them.
    As it was mentioned by some users, Apps were working perfectly. So it was always possible for users to access OSM.

    At this moment, some of our FB users still can't access OSM, and this is entirely on FB side, nothing we can do to help them, beside telling them to try to log on Web version.

    So... bottom line...

    We're sorry for the inconvenience and for the problems some users faced yesterday night, but there was nothing we can do to minimise it.