Scout always bringing back incorrect players..

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    Hi, I have mentioned this before and when i did i was just directed to the FAQ that states that if it's not bringing back the players you are requesting then widen your search, and it will bring back the next nearest rated players.

    This has happened to be again just now, i used my coins to speed up 3 searches for a mid who is under 25 and +85 rated i left all other criteria and i got 3 players who where all over 30 each time, one was 27 but still not under 25.

    My issue is i think this really has just become an easy way for them to make money, this is all a load of rubbish, the FAQ says widen your search, well you can't widen it much more by stating that you want literally ANY player from ANY league from ANY nationality who is a mid and plays ion any style, the only thing you want is them to be under 25!

    You really can't get much wider than that, so the game is telling me there is no under 25 mid anywhere? that’s just rubbish isn't it and not true because we all know there is them players in the game for it to find.

    So i think this is either a bug or just for money cause at 15 or 16 coins each time people will use it and a lot might have to top there’s up when running low.

    I am just a bit fed up of people mentioning this issue and every time i have seen from searching, that a moderator will always just say look at the FAQ..

    And my point is that yes it says widen your search but you can't make it any wider that how i am searching because i am saying i will have any player so long as they fit 2 requirements, that are under 25 and they are rated 85+ so that does make a mockery of the FAQ saying widen your search does it not?


  • @james_uk Hi mate,

    Your scout gets back to you with the best players he can find. If you search for 85+ rated players under 25 and your scout returns with players under 85+ and not under 25, it means that there are no players left that meet your requirements, because you are not the only one using scout, and there aren't many players under the age of 25 that are 85+ in skills. Which means you will have to change the criteria. Scouting has to do with many factors, like the players that are already on the league you are playing, the players other managers have scouted etc.. If you search for young players, try some older players as well. You should try to adjust your preferences, and hopefully, your scout would return with 85+ players next time around.

    But if you think there is a bug on your scout, please feel the template given on the first topic of this forum.

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    @Lirind Thanks 👍