• I achieved African Boss achievement and I haven't received the reward not even after 3 weeks of waiting. I thought it will take time to get my reward but apparently something happened and I can't receive it. I can't wait anymore because I really need the reward and I've struggled waiting for it.

  • Sorry, but did you play all the leagues because Ghana was added a month or more ago. You have to have completed the Algerian, Egyptian, South African, Tunisian, Moroccan and Ghanaian tournaments and you will get the reward after that and you have to have won the cup, the league and the administration goaGood afternoon, my friendl👍 ☺
    I hope to be useful to you😉

  • @SnOOpY04 Hi mate,

    If the achievement has already been unlocked, the reward for this competition has already been claimed by you. Eight new competitions have recently been added to OSM (including Ghana) so that the counter has already stood at 100% before that time and it has gone down from 100% by Ghana. However, you cannot claim 2x the reward for the same achievement when the counter reaches 100% for the 2nd time.

  • English Moderator

    @mahrez-othman-wat and @Lirind Thanks guys 👍