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    I am in Winners League that is in pre-season. This weekend one could list 6 players instead of 4 on the Transfer List and the chances for transfers was much higher. I listed six players as did most of my competitors. Since Friday, all my competitors, no exception, had numerous players sold and they really improved their teams tremendously. I, on the other hand, didn’t have one single transfer!! Not One!!! I was near the top in Roster Value on day one pre-season but now I dropped significantly compared to everyone and all the weak teams caught up.
    Dear developers,
    Why should I develop a roster, win a championship, then enter a winners league to lose? What kind of game is being played here? Do you think this is ethical? Once the integrity of the game is ruined you are game over!!!

  • Hello my friend, I understood from your words that your friends sold all their players and you did not sell anything for these several reasons and the reasons are as follows in the winners cup. The chances of selling are very small, especially when you sell a large player of age and his capacity is not great and at the highest price for it. Perhaps your friends made an immediate sale or that Their players were young and developing very quickly, and it also has a million additional reasons. If you are old in the game, you will understand the matter, and also sell your players an immediate sale. This will help you a lot. I hope that I will be of help to you.😊 👍
    Any inquiry, come on your own😉 🙂

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    There are no issues with transfers, just like it has been stated here severally, transfers are random and a bit of luck and based on other factors as well.
    You just have to figure out how to sell your players quicker!